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Stevie '81 - Pillow + Body Mists:

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Our Pillow + Body Mists are made with 100% all-natural plant and mineral ingredients - no harmful fillers added. Formulated using a base of distilled botanical floral water, organic vegetable glycerin, a blend of essential oils and perfume oils. These complex, unisex fragrances are perfect for your hair, body or linens. *Testers will arrive in 2 oz size and will be labeled with Tester sticker* Size Options: 2 oz | 4 oz - Frosted Glass w/Brass Mist Pump Scent Profiles: Oregon Coast - musk, oud, woods, patchouli + tobacco leaf Cedar + Smoke - fresh, green, bright, spruce, cedar + moss Sunday Morning - botanical, earthy, floral, rose, lily, bergamot + French Neroli Coriander + Tonka - warm, sweet, spiced, amber + sultry Fire Sign - complex, rich, sweet, spiced + citrus Sierra - bright, green, earthy, chypre, vetiver The Library - woods, dust, old paper, ink, mahogany, worn leather, amber Stevie '81 - smoky, sweet, incense, hemp, floral Loud - Earthy, musk, woods, green