DavProCo Patch Hat

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Show off your Lake Norman pride with our exclusive DavProCo Patch Hats, featuring our distinctive embroidered patch! Each hat in this series is designed to celebrate the unique beauty and spirit of our local community.

Our custom logo patch tells a story of North Carolina’s rich natural heritage. The central tree symbolizes the state tree, the resilient pine, standing tall and proud. The vibrant gradient angles in the background represent the majestic mountain ranges that are just a short drive away, adding a touch of adventure to our everyday lives. And at the bottom, the serene blue signifies Lake Norman, the heart of our community, bringing together the many towns that surround its shores.

Available in a variety of styles, these hats are perfect for any occasion. Whether you're out on the lake, exploring the mountains, or just enjoying a day in town, our DavProCo Patch Hats are the perfect way to show your local pride.